Aparat laser TBK 958A

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set complet laser TBK 958A laser tbk 958A JIG blocare telefon JIG presa TBK-958A TBK958A TBK 958A Back Rear Glass Removing Laser Engraving and Separating Machine with Auto Focus, Logo Printer, and Frame Separator for Iphone Main Features: * Built-in HD computer, Bluetooth keyboard * Automatic focus, Platform automatic lifting up/down * Laser head fixed and reliable * Smart design of removable top-side, left-side and right-side panels is convenient for maintenance * One-button start,easy to operate * Auto positioning mold for iPhone rear glass iPhone back cover * With wireless keyboard and mouse Laser Parameters: * Laser power (Watts): 6W * Laser marking Precision: ≤0.001mm * Laser speed: ≤10000mm/s * Laser wave length: 1064 nM * Laser marking depth: 0.015~0.5 mm * Max marking size: 175*175mm * Marked line width: 0.05~0.1mm * Height of the object carved by laser (mm) 85 Product Details: * Model: TBK-958A * AC input: 220V/50Hz * Product size (mm): 290*570*598 * Computer screen size (cm): 20*15 cm * Product power: 500 W * Net weight (kgs): 27 * Gross weight (kgs): 36 * Package size (cm): 68*40*70