Aparat Laser TBK 958ML

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TBK 958M TBK958M TBK-958M Auto Focus Mini Portable Back Glass Removing Laser Engraving and Separating Machine for Iphone and Samsung mobile phone with Logo Printer for Refurbishing Mobilephone Screen Replacing iPhone Rear Door Main Features: * Automatically Focus: Marking positioning is more intuitive; Realize precise positioning by projecting graphic trajectory preview * Automatically Lifts up and down: Recognize and automatically adjust the height according to the size of the marked item * Small Size, Light Weight * Featured high-speed galvanometer * Supports several times of etching, and 2~5 times higher than ordinary galvanometer * Recommend to use with automatic centering fixture Laser Parameters: * Laser power (Watts): 6W * Laser wave length: 1064nM * Laser marking Precision: <0.001mm * Repeat laser marking precision: ≤0.001mm * Laser speed: ≤10000mm/s * Laser marking depth: 0.015~0.5 mm * Max marking size: 175*175mm * Marked line width: 0.05~0.1mm * Height of the object carved by laser (mm): 85 Product Details: * Model: TBK-958M * Product Full size (mm): 365*230*420 * Product power: 500 W * Net weight (kgs): 6.2 * Gross weight (kgs): 8.0 * Package size (cm): 40*20*50